Saturday, 16 February 2013

Getting to know Me..

I am new to the Blogging Scene, Im not a huge fan of sharing Personal information, Stuff about myself or family.. And definitely not my creations..

However my Hubbie and Bestie keep telling how good my creations are.. Even if im not 100% sure about them myself.

Most of my creations are cards, I find that they have more meaning, for yourself and the reciever.

I have done pages in the past, Most are un-finished as i would get frustrated about something not working how I wanted it to, So I would give up.

My First ever Completed Page was done Only a few years ago with the help of a Friend Sarah. From there I went on to being more confident about Scrapbooking, however I was still getting frustrated I knew what I wanted to say or Do on my pages, but I just could not communicate it across the page.

I later started to make cards. Even though the area is smaller, I found that Cards where more meaningful.

I have even got my Bestie Jane into Scrapbooking to help her through a difficult time. Im very Proud of my influence, However Im sure Jane Hates me at times, as OUR addiction is becoming Costly.

Jane has recently got me into Copic Markers. I Love Copic, I will often spend hours just colouring Images. I have so many Images that I have coloured, where only a handful of them have actually made it onto a Card or two. All the rest have been placed into a Smash book, so that I can follow the Progress of my Blending/Colouring Techniques, and Colour Combos.


I think thats It really.


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